KNGF Dark Lenses

Specsavers Opticians became the official sponsor of KNGF Guidedogs in 2008. The brief was to use this alliance to make KNGF Guidedogs more relevant to a broader audience. We let the visitors to Specsavers Opticians experience how it feels to be visually handicapped, without any warning, by hiding a pair of sunglasses with completely dark lenses in the rack between the regular sunglasses. The price tag explained Specsavers' sponsorship of KNGF Guidedogs and gave the customer the opportunity to sponsor the charity as well. As the promotion ran in August almost 50% of the Specsavers clients in 90 different stores experienced the special sunglasses and found out about the alliance in a impactful way. The promotion also got a lot of free media attention.

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